Thank you for your interest in planting/replanting the Gospel in New Mexico. In order to best resource and equip you in your journey, we have outlined your next steps. These steps can take up to 7 months.

Step One

1. Online Pre-Assessment (click here)

This online assessment will gather information about your personality, spiritual gifts, and leadership style. The assessment has three parts and takes less than an hour.

2. Placement Review

Once you have completed the assessment, please email with a copy of your resume and indicate that you have finished the assessment. Your CPC (Church Planting Catalyst) will contact you within one week to discuss your assessments and determine the best placement. The placement review will determine how you proceed
through the planting process.

3. Connect with NAMB (The North American Mission Board)

a. NAMB Registration (click here)

We ask that you take time to register with the North American Missions Board. Click on the above link and navigate to the predetermined ministry placement from the placement review.

b. NAMB Application

Upon completion of your registration you will receive an email with a link to NAMB’s application. If you have any questions regarding the application please contact Upon completing the application, contact your CPC (Chad Spriggs – North Region and/or Dennis Garcia – Southern Region) for further instructions.

Step Two

4. Documents and Assessments

Upon successfully completing the registration/application process, NAMB will send you an approval email with steps that take you to their assessment portal. BCNM also asks that you prepare a prospectus. The prospectus expresses the entry plan, approach to gospel sowing, disciple-making, leader development, and ultimately expresses the church formation process.

5. Here are the requirements:

a. NAMB Assessments
b. NAMB Background
c. Ministry Safe Training
d. Church Planter Growth Projector
e. BCNM Prospectus

6. CPC Sync Meetings

Your CPC is here to support, equip, encourage, and resource you throughout the initial process and years after your church plant. CPC Sync Meetings are designed to be a support for the planter and help the planter continue to define, improve, enhance, and articulate the strategy. These meetings happen on an as needed basis throughout the process. It is encouraged to meet monthly when possible.

7. Assessment Interview / One Day Retreat

The Candidate, Sending Church, and CPC will set a date, time, and place for an interview. This Team will spend time prior to meeting with the candidate and spouse reviewing the assessments. The Team will then meet with the candidate and spouse for 2-3 hours, have a meal, and explain next steps. After this the team will meet to analyze, pray, and decide: Not to approve / Approve with conditions / or Approve without conditions.

Step Three

8. Schedule Partnership Agreement / Pre-Approved Planter

The Planter, Sending Church, and CPC then schedules a Partnership Agreement signing/celebration including all partners. The Church will receive financial support on the 25th of the month. Reports are due thereafter by the 25th.

9. Partnership Agreement / Approved Planter

The Candidate will be changed to an approved Planter status after the partnership covenant is signed. The Planter, BCNM Staff, Sending Church, Supporting Churches and CPC meet together to complete the Partnership Covenant form.

10. Continued Support / Training

The Planter is then required to: 1) Schedule quarterly meetings with their sending church for development, support, and prayer. 2) Participate in orientation and training developed by the NM Church Planting Team that will support the church as they seek to implement their church planting strategy. 3) Participate in a two-year, one-on-one relationship with a trained, credible, competent coach to help the planter live out God’s calling as a Christ-follower and leader. 4) The Planter will also be required to attend a retreat held every other year. The retreat is designed to encourage, equip, and challenge the planter, planter’s wife, and leadership team as they continue to follow God’s calling for their Church.

Click here to contact us with any questions.